How to pay

Payment Method

Payments shall be made in several ways:

All orders delivered by courier - COD.

Bank transfer.

Cash employee of "Zhu-BG".

With a debit/credit card that is not registered in Fill in the form on this address , indicating CIN or e-mail of Zhu-BG. With a bank card at an ATM: On the ATM menu select "Other Services", then select "B-pay" / ATM DSK - "Payment of bills" /. In the field "Code trader" enter 15005. In the field "EGN / VAT" enter EGN / VAT of Zhu-BG OOD. Enter the desired amount you will charge Microaccount. After confirming the transaction Microaccount will be charged to enter an amount. Cash counter of Easypay: Visit the office of Easypay and enter EGN, CIN or e-mail to holder the Microaccount and desired amount of charge. After confirming the operation Microaccount will be charged to enter an amount. With the transfer of another user Each user can load micro another user menu Translation / Submit money to another user, pointing CIN or e-mail the payee Email : CIN 8435332030 VAT BG 200421510

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